Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Flowers & Silly Stories

I have been working hard on Reese's fall flowers. I wanted something festive and beautiful with berries and flowers, and I'm pleased with how they turned out.
A close family friend of ours went to Heaven recently, and I've been thinking a lot of how David is with Reese. He was a young father with two children Zach and Colson's ages.
Heaven just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.

This is one of my favorite beach pics of Zach. ; ) He has been such a riot lately...

*My parents were here for the Razorback game last weekend, and Zach started calling my mom "Buns." Her grandmother name is Bunny, but for some reason he shortened it. He walked around the house saying, "Bun? Buns?" It was so funny. We'll see if it sticks. ; )

*In school he learns a Bible verse each week (well, tries to at least!). Yesterday in the car Z and I were saying Ephesians 6:1, "Children, obey your parents in the LORD, for this is right." He was so precious saying it. Music to my ears! Then he says, "I don't like that part. I don't like that part." I said, "What part?"

He said, "Obey your parents."

What in the world!? It was kind of funny and not so much at the same time. Jason and I are really working a lot with him about instant obedience and saying all the "magic" words. I guess sometimes it's just hard for a little guy.

*This morning I took the boys to Walmart. While we were shopping an employee opened a ladder right beside us, making a very loud noise. Zach turned to her and said, "That hurt my ears, LADY!" She smiled and said, "I'm sorry," and he said, "That's ok!" Then as we were leaving the aisle he said (just to make a point I guess), "That hurt my ears again!" I don't think she heard that time thank goodness.

Zach talks from the minute he wakes up from the minute he falls asleep at night. It's just the way he talks. I have no idea where he gets this from. ; ) Jason and I barely get a word in.

Thankfully, Colson has some time while Z naps to talk to me.
I treasure this time with my baby boy.
I love my kids. ; )

The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.

Deuteronomy 33:27


Todd and Courtney said...

ahh the buns makes me laugh. I like it! The flowers are beautiful at Reese's "playground" as I call it :) I bet she loves them!

Brittney said...

Reese's flowers are so sweet! I struggle daily with obedience and my children, and we have finally found one thing that really works. If our toddlers ask for something and don't use a magic word, we ask them if they forgot something. Of course that usually prompts a follow up "please," but we don't stop there. We encourage them to put it all in a sentence, and it's worked so well! I was so overjoyed when my Wyatt asked "Hey Mommy, can we please stop at Wendy's and get some chicken nuggets?," that I actually stopped!

Heather said...

I love Reese's flowers!!!! SOOOO pretty! We still struggle and work on the "first time" obedience! But I know it's gonna be worth all that work and effort!!!! :)

Fabiola said...

Reese's flowers are precious!!!
I love how talkative Zach is. If we put my niece (1 year older than him) and Zach together, they could conquer the world ; )

Nora said...

Reese's flowers are beautiful! I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to do for our sweet Josie that joined Reese on October 26 of last year. She was a twin and we have Kelsey here with us and are planning her first birthday, thank you for sharing your struggles. They are a comfort to me. Your precious boys are a delight!

Becky said...

Reese's flowers are beautiful - perfect for her. Keep at it with Zach. I am so proud of my kids making their kids obey first time. Also, it is the attitude as well as the action.

What Z said reminded me of our pastor's son when he was about 4-5. He liked to sit in the front pew and he would often fall asleep. Once he asked his dad if he was preaching that day and when Pastor Bob said he was, Mark replied "Not so loud please!'. Gotta love those kid comments.....

Lara said...

Right around that age my little guy started to really get some spunk too! It's so fun!

Sheila said...

I don't think I've commented before, but I had to today. Tell Grandma that Buns is a great name! My husband calls me that. It started when we were dating and we called each other Honey Buns. It soon got shortened to Buns and 30 years later, we're still doing it. I get laughs when people hear that's what my nickname is, but I love it! Your kids are adorable, and Reese's story touched my heart.

Alex and Jill said...

Was your friend David Beasley? My S-I-L posted something about someone by the name of David passing away. From what she wrote about him, he was a wonderful, Christian man.

Okay, the stories about Z made me LOL! So funny.

Lauren said...

Hi love! Reese's flowers are beautiful, nice job!! They are perfect for the Fall season! You have quite the little man on your hands, I was cracking up at your Z stories! Colson just gets cuter by the day and I really see glimpses of Z in him, too cute! You're a blessed mama! :)

Rebekah said...

I was laughing out loud at Zach saying he did not like that verse! Oh my goodness! I know my little defiant sweetness will say some things like that too! Far too soon! Zach and Cilla could get in to a lot of trouble together ;) Reese's flowers are beautiful!

Lauren said...

Katie, those flowers are just beautiful and LOVE the videos of your little man!!!! :)

Sunny said...

Katie, I love Z calling his grandmother Buns. My name is Sunny. My nickname that my family called me for years was Sunny Bunny, then it got shortened to Sunny Buns, and then got shortened yet again to just Buns. :)

Mer said...

Wow I love the flowers...they beautiful...fall is my favorite. I don't know where Zach gets his chattiness...just can't imagine:) love you!

Candy Johnson said...

I'll say it again...Kohen and Zach will be great buds! It sounds as if they are JUST ALIKE! Kohen embarrasses and impresses me EVERY DAY! We really need to get together to swap stories about these rotten little dolls!

Mandy said...

Z is a nut. Can't wait to see you all next weekend!!!

The flowers are beautiful!!

Kelli said...

The flowers look beautiful. :)

Kendra said...

Was your friend David Beasley? I knew his wife a long time ago and have been heartbroken all week over his death. God's ways are not our ways. Your strength and attitude are an inspiration and why I like reading your story.

Meredith said...

I was looking at the footage of Colson giggling away and my just turned five year old son heard the chortles and wandered over to have a look.
"Show me that mummy," he said.
So I did.
On the second video, right after Colson laughed, my son said, "Hello baby."
Then we had to watch it again.
Again he said, "Hello baby," at the same moment and then started waving at Colson.
"Why doesn't the baby wave back at me?" he said.
My little boy, here in Australia, is in love with your little boy. And he prayed for him tonight at bedtime.
The body of Christ - the children are very much a part of it, praise God.

Ashley said...

I love the name Buns! That is hilarious. My mom wanted to be called "Honey" because she isn't too grandma-ish, but somehow it turned into "Honeypot". It is funny to hear my kids call her that.

Reece's flowers are beautiful!

Summer said...

Great job on the flowers! Love the colors and the sunflowers! Sunflowers are my fav! I know Reese loves them!

That is so funny about Buns! Z sounds like a little ham....Kelcee is the same way it is funny to hear what they come up with and Kelcee doesn't stop talking from the time she gets up until she goes to bed either LOL hahhahaha

How funny about the bible verse!
Z is such a cutie I love that pic of him and OMG Colson is changing his looks each day....he is just presh, I love that he was cooing in the videos thanks for sharing the last video at the end it looked like he was waving to us....give him hugs for me


Jen said...

I *love* this post, Kaite!! Beautiful flowers, funny Zach and precious Colson! :) I always enjoy your blog. THANK YOU for everything that you share! :)

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