Sunday, April 18, 2010

Reese's Name Gallery #18

We're on the 18th post of Reese's name gallery! I am amazed and blessed. I'm going to keep sharing her pictures until people run out of ideas. ; ) What a treasured book they will fill.

I haven't posted all the pics in the order I received them for three reasons...

1. My computer doesn't save them in order (crazy!).
2. Some are seasonal, so I like to stay with a theme. ; )
3. A few of the pictures I received are too small or for some reason would not save to iphoto on my computer. I am so sorry! Please know they are just as important to me even though I am not able to share them online.

Thank you for thinking of us in your daily routines and even on your vacations. Where would we be without the thoughtful prayers and support of sweet family members and friends like you? These pictures are powerful gifts to us.
Alphabet cards
Nail polish
Sweet ribbons & bows
Scrabble (I could not get this pic to rotate for some reason)
It just adds some fun. ; )

Don't worry, the hog is still with us...

Cody, Z, hog, Shannon, Elizabeth, Westin & me

He even joins us for fam night! It was a special occasion being Westin's first fam night at our house. ; )

Because of Your name, Yahweh, let me live. In Your righteousness deliver me from trouble.

Psalm 143:11


Summer said...

That hog just cracks me up! He looks like he a staple in your house now! Ya have to have him around for family get togethers ha!

I love looking at all of the Reese name art for her photo gallery! Just amazing and heart warming this is the 18th one and still coming! Just beautiful!

Glad you had a fab weekend friend
Summer :0)

Linds said...

ok, the blow up hog is hilarious! Are you guys going to Razorfest? I am going to crack up if I see Zach there dragging around that big hog! haha!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i love the alphabet and bows! and, wow, 18?!!! that is just fantastic!

Tristan said...

I seen a little girl today and heard her momma call her reese. I prayed for you then and there.
I just love her name :)

the hog is killin!

Mer said...

Wonder what Westin will think of that HOG in a few months...hope he likes it! Love you!

Lauren Kelly said...

Love it.. Can never get enough of these sweet pictures!!! :)

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