Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Thank you so much for entering my giveaway. chose Anna. ; )

Anna said...
Oh my goodness! My dear friend just lost her baby at 24 weeks. (On FEB. 2nd) I've been thinking of a perfect gift for her---I JUST FOUND IT! These are beautiful!
Congrats, Anna!

Oh wow, how blessed I was just reading about your (or your friend's) little ones who are already in Heaven. Thank you, thank you for sharing their names and something special about them. What an honor to be introduced to some of Reese's playmates and their sweet moms.

Whether it's from miscarriage, a born still little one, or a baby like Reese born with complications, we all share deep loss. Unimaginable pain. I pray the LORD fills your empty and broken places as He is daily working in mine. He is the perfect Healer for our hearts.

Of course there is only one winner for Lisa's giveaway (but as I read about your little ones I wished so badly there was some way all of you could win one), but remember Mother's Day is around the corner (hint hint to your friends or hubbies!). Lisa has the "Marked by Love" necklace on her website under "inspired necklaces."

GOD is good to remind me that this pain is not all my own. I feel alone so many days. I'm grieved for any mom or dad who has let go their child go, and it's a hard reality in our earthly lives.

Thank you for sharing your hearts so openly about your children and loving Jesus despite your pain. I couldn't agree more with a friend who said her baby Emma "stirred a passion in me that I pray I will never lose." From your words this is true for many of you.
Reese has stirred a passion in me, too.

GOD raised Him up, ending the pains of death, because it was not possible for Him to be held by it.

Acts 2:24


Summer said...

Congrats to the winner! This post was so beautifully written Katie! You are always in my prayers!

Summer :0)

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

congrats to anna! what a sweet winner! beautiful picture of reese. praise God for healing all of our hurts in His due time!

Kelley said...

Because of you, your Reese has stirred a passion in many. As always, thank you for sharing.
Love you ~

run26.2mom said...

I LOVE the picture of Reese holding your finger. Your journey as mother and daughter continues to amaze me and encourage me to think about my own journey.

Kaz and Amy said...

Congrats to Anna!

These are precious pictures of Reese. The Lord is using the pain and loss of Reese to work in you and your family, and it's been so encouraging to hear your heart and your struggle with what you've gone through. I truly admire you and thank you for sharing your heart. It has touched me so many times....Praying for you and your little one on the way!

Jennifer said...

It sounds like this necklace is going to a wonderful home! Congrats to the winner!

You sharing your story has stirred a passion in many... you are a blessing!


Deric said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for about a year now. This last weekend I had a miscarriage. I was 7 weeks a long. I am still trying to deal with it.But I know as well as I know my own name this happened for a reason. God has blessed me with the strength I never thought I would have. I morned with you and your family when you lost Reese. And your words and heart for the Lord have been a great witness to me as I go through this bump in the road.

God Bless and Congrats!

Cuddles and Chaos said...

Beautifully written and thank you for sharing.

This week I had an appointment with my ob/gyn office. Because of health issues there are no more babies for me in the future, and the Lord has provided me with the strength to not break down in tears every time I enter that office. Though it hasn't and isn't always easy.
This time, the nurse (newer to me) went on and on about my pregnancies. I about lost it, because I didn't want to share more information just because my new digi chart decided to only have me having one baby and pregnancy. I hold my story close to my heart to share if it can provide hope to others...but to list all my losses on my chart just doesn't show the place all of my angels mean in my heart and life.
I have never buried a child, just lost many in utero. I love them with passion. I weep for moms losing their children in utero, during birth or after. Thank you for sharing your story and know you are often in my prayers.

Karen said...

This was a beautiful post and so gracious...
It does bring comfort of all the playmates my (our) baby has in Heaven. And I love that verse you posted....

Anna said...

I'm truly SO very grateful. Literally the exact thing I had been looking for-fell into my lap. What a wonderful blessing.

This post is beautiful---pictures are perfect... words so sweet, sincere and full of love.

You and your family will be added to my prayers--

Thanks again.


Mandy said...

My precious niece stirred quite the passion in all of us, Kaite! Love you.

care said...

Thank you Katie for sharing your journey with us. It brings healing to all of us mommies who have lost little ones.

I love the picture of Reese holding your hand. What precious pictures you have of her sweet life. Blessings,

Mrs. Williams said...

Congrats to the winner!!
What a pretty picture of Reese.
I gave you an award on my blog page.
Happy Blogging

Kayla said...

Wow you are such a strong person. Every time I read your blog I start balling my heart goes out to you and your family. being a mom I could never begin to think about going through what you have been through.

Keep being strong. God bless

Much Love.

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