Friday, March 21, 2008

What a Week!

It's been a wonderful and full week, and the weekend just began!

However, a bit of bad news camera fell out of my car, and I drove over it accidentally! Oops. My husband - the sweet, merciful, forgiving man that he is - surprised me with another one tonight, I'm about to check it out. THANK YOU, hubby!!

On to other exciting things of the week. 

1. My husband has joined us! I have missed him all week. 

2. I went to Community Bible study with my parents and had the honor of watching them lead (or moderate) their group. They did an amazing job, and I am SO proud of them. GOD is using them in exciting ways, and it's awesome to watch!    

3. My mom and I shopped for Zach this week and found some cute clothes. I especially love his Easter outfit and his baby dedication outfit! 

4. I know you've all been waiting to hear...the cinnamon bread was a success! My mom made it
today for me. Go mom!

5. One of my best friend's Laura, Zach, I went to see Jenny, Todd, and Benjamin today again. Benjamin and Zach hit it off! Zach talked Benjamin's ears off. He didn't even give Benjamin a chance to respond...oh well, maybe Benjamin will talk back when he gets alittle older.

6. Laura and I got our first spring pedicures! I always get a French pedicure because I love the clean look. I'll get a color sometime this summer...

7. SLEEP. SLEEP. SLEEP. This week my mom slept with the monitor in her room and helped with Zach. THANKS, mom. I have slept so well these past four nights. 

8. It's Good Friday. Tonight I went with my parents to their church's Good Friday service. Wow.  What a great time for me to worship and refocus. How can it get any better than this!?

I hope all of you had a blessed Good Friday!! 


ashley said...

I'm SO GLAD you had such a GOOD week!!! God has really blessed your time at home - sleep, pedicures, catching up with friends and family, and sweet time at church - doesn't get any better than that!

Kelly said...

Sounds like you have had a wonderful week!
I need to get a spring pedicure so I can break out sandals soon - my feet look awful!

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