Friday, March 14, 2008

Hope for This Friendship Bread!?

I have been so excited about this friendship bread that Shannon gave me one week ago. It's the kind you mush mush mush on certain days and then add flour, sugar, and milk on another and then finally on day ten you bake your bread and divide to pass on to other friends. So...when the big day arrived I did everything right except one thing. I can completely blame this on my husband, but since he did go the store for me to pick up an ingredient I will fully take half of the responsibility. I had to leave before the bread was ready from the oven, so I left it up to my husband to take out the bread. Well...the loaves weren't in the oven long enough, so we have two doughy loaves of cinnamon friendship bread.

There is hope, though, just like there is hope in your friendships even when they get alittle "doughy"! I will just try again on day ten. Stay tuned!!


Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

HI I am a friend of Suzanne's from college. I remember you coming to visit her in the dorm! I am so glad you have a blog. Your little man is a cutie!!

Kelly said...

Oh - I made that friendship bread before but not in YEARS!!
I'm sure the next batch will turn out.

ashley said...

We'll just have to bring you some of Ben's bread!! I'm impressed though - keep trying and we'll make a trade!

Hillary said...

I've been mushing like a good girl! I think tomorrow I get to add things to it! I'm a little nervous! I hope it survives the trip to Little Rock and all the craziness!

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