Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fun Family Weekend

This past weekend my brother and sister and I with our families all got together with some friends to celebrate my Dad's birthday and retirement.
The boys were so happy running around with all their cousins.
My dad took us for a ride in his green VW bus.
Yes that's a frog on Z's face. The entertainment at night for the grandkids was searching for frogs right outside my parents' house. Goodness me.
We tried to get a family picture but someone wasn't cooperating. ; )
He's still cute!
Sweet picture of Jason and his mom
The original "us." We look so small!
The new "us" before kids. We didn't even coordinate what we were wearing. Ha! Love them so much.

Affirm, Lord, with those who affirm with me.

Psalm 35:1


Linds said...

Colson is getting so big-- and they are both SO handsome!

Mandy said...

Cute!! That frog on Z's face is nasty. EWWWWW. Fun weekend. Love you.

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