Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Let's Talk Summer: Deer Valley Ranch

It's March! 

Right now the ground is covered in snow and ice, and I'm curled up by a fire. I'm also dreaming of this summer. ; ) One of the things I'm most looking forward to is our vacation to Deer Valley Ranch. I'm SO excited!

I can't say enough wonderful things about this place. It's so deep in my heart I could cry thinking about it! That's how special it is.

My family started going when I was five, and the tradition continues as our family has grown from five to seventeen. The first time we went we stayed in the lodge. We later moved to one cabin and now we are in three.

It's so fun watching Zach do exactly the same things with his cousins that I did when I was his age. We are taking Colson this year, and he will eat it up.

These pics are from 2006. This was Jason's first time in Colorado during the summer. He was skeptical but now he loves it equally to snow skiing in the winter.

Sunday worship
We looked young before we had kids. Ha!

DVR is the perfect place for a young family to start traditions. They love kids and cater to the needs of your family. Their children's program is excellent, and of course there is lots of family time! Zach still talks about all the activities he did two years ago.
fam pics
the lodge deck
St. Elmo (a nearby ghost town) is known for it's chipmunks. They love to eat!
At the end of the week the staff performs a skit night. They like to pick on the newbies, and since this was Jason's first year he was chosen to be part of a skit. ; )

Below are a few links to our past trips:

Jason and I didn't go in 2010 because Colson was about to be born. ; )


Follow DVR on instagram HERE.

We go every other year with my side of the family. I'll be sharing more pictures and writing more about DVR in the months leading up to our trip. I also have a $250 giveaway for the first family who books a trip at DVR! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

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Mandy said...

I love this post. I REALLY love that Hunter won't be 18 months old this year when we are there. AHHHHHH

Mer said...

Memory lane! I'm with Mandy…Garrett was 1 last time we went! That's hard to believe (or last time I went!)

Erikita said...

Looks like an awesome place to be - we go to one like that in Mexico, literally breathtaking. Why wasn't Colson on the 2012 trip?

Mokry Family said...

After seeing your post in 2012, we booked a trip and went that summer!! DVR is amazing and our 2 oldest kids ask about going back all the time! We would love to go back and maybe we will this summer :)

Katie said...


Just to make it a little easier on us traveling. ; ) He stayed with Jason's parents. It was a fun time to focus on Zach, and we knew Cols was in good hands and would really enjoy it in a few years.

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