Monday, February 10, 2014

A Sign of His Goodness

Several years ago I read a verse in Psalms that I tucked into my heart to pray when I'm feeling discouraged or just need to see God in the details. Psalm 86:17 says, "Show me a sign of Your goodness; my enemies will see and be put to shame because You, Lord, have helped and comforted me."

Show me a sign of Your goodness. 

A simple prayer with a lot of power. I believe God's fingerprints are all over a believers life. I also believe He wants us to pray Scripture back to Him.

This weekend was the Hope Mommies winter retreat. I hope you were able to go if you are a Hope Mom! It's truly an amazing time. I thought about all of my sweet friends there often the past few days. I wasn't planning to go this year because I thought we would have a baby girl. When that didn't happen it still didn't feel quite right, but I know I'll go again. ; )

A sign of God's goodness came when two friends released balloons in Reese's honor since I couldn't be there.

So special. It meant a lot when they sent me these pictures!

Look, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is anything too difficult for Me?

Jeremiah 32:27


Kaitlin Harrison said...

I'm praying for you through this season. Your relentless faith and trust in the Lord inspires me everytime I read your blog. Thank you for always sharing your sweet heart!


Katie said...

Thanks, Kaitlin!

Karen said...

It's funny to read your post tonight because I've been praying to "see God in the details". I don't think I've ever stopped on that particular verse, but I believe He intended me to see that tonight. I am in very different circumstances, but His Word still reaches my situation. Thank you for sharing this and your heart!!

Katie said...

Karen, I'm so glad!

Haley said...

Continuing to pray for you all the time. Know you're not forgotten during your grief.

Haley :)

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