Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snow Days

The snow is melting but we had so much fun playing in it! Z had four snow days with a weekend in the middle. The boys really didn't get cabin fever which surprised me. I loved having some forced days to slow down with life but catch up on things at home. ; )
 We bundled up in our ski gear and hit the snow. Of course we were inside by the fire a lot, too.

 The boys loved sledding behind the four wheeler.
            I even gave it a try!
 I can't get over how much it snowed. I wonder what January and February will be like. 

Last night we went to our small group's Christmas party. Usually we host but this year our friends Stacy and Davin had it at their house. Jason and I hopped in the car and drove two houses down to where they live. Ha!
I love these friends. New and old!
There are really no words for the guys!

My favorite thing is the dirty santa Christmas gift exchange. I laugh so hard I cry every year. It's ridiculous. So funny.

Ten days until Christmas! Are you ready?

The Rock - His work is perfect; all His ways are entirely just. A faithful God, He is righteous and true.

Deuteronomy 32:4


Mandy said...

What are Jason and Cody wearing???? Crazy boys. Can't wait to see Z and C soon!! We miss you guys!

Melanie Mueller said...

I love your pictures in the snow. Looks beautiful and so much fun!!!

Mimsie said...

Those snow pictures would make great Christmas cards!

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