Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gentry Safari

We took the boys to the Gentry Safari yesterday afternoon. For the past few years in the spring and fall I have been nagging asking Jason to take us there. ; ) We had SO much fun! It was much bigger than we both expected. We walked around the barn and petting zoo then drove through the safari.
Let's just walk up to a giraffe and feed him lettuce. 
Zach is our little animal lover. Animals were everywhere, and he was laughing all over himself. I was surprised how many roamed free.
Colson is a little more reserved when it comes to animals. He likes them but wants to keep his distance. ; )
This handsome boy will be SIX in about a week.

When we were two minutes into the 45 minute safari drive, Colson  said, "I'm tired of this. I want to go home." Ha!
At this point in the drive there were camels close on both sides of our car. Colson had somehow wedged himself behind my back saying "Don't roll down the window Mommy" over and over.
An emu did bite Zach after he fed him a Cheezit but it didn't phase Zach at all. ; ) The boys will talk about our adventure for a long time. I'm sure we will go back in the spring!

This I know: God is for me.

Psalm 56:9


Mer said...

Love the pics. LOVE the verse. LOVE YOU!

Linds said...

Brayden has that same little pull over that Zach is wearing :)

your boys are SO handsome!

Miranda said...

This is so neat! That white rabbit was HUGE :) Perfect family day!

Brooke said...

Fun place!! BTW you have flawless beautiful skin!!

Stephanie Johnson said...

Where is the long sleeve shirt you're wearing from? It looks so soft and comfy!

Becky said...

When we went to a zoo in France - they had cages like that - for the big cats. I love animals too and Joan Embery has to have had one of the best jobs around. Maybe Zach will be a zoo liason one day!

Mandy said...

You are so cute. Love the pictures. Miss you guys!!

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