Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mugs & Muffins

This morning I spoke at a women's church breakfast in NWA. Everyone was so sweet and made us feel very welcome. My mom, Trish, and Shannon came to cheer me on. I tried not to look at them while I was speaking, but they were sitting at the front table, so it was kind of hard. ; )
It was the first time speaking that I wasn't nervous!
 The decorations were beautiful and the food delicious.
I loved sharing about Reese and meeting new friends.

Thanks, Sarah and Chrissy! Come up the Hill for lunch soon!

He sent His word and healed them...

Psalm 107:20


Fabiola said...

I imagine you do such an amazing job on those events : )

Maryellen said...

Way to go Katie!
I know this is not easy.
You are blessing so many lives.

Reese is just glowing in Heaven with pride for her Mommy.

One glorious day she will tell you herself ;)

Mandy said...

I know you bless each and every lady there! Love you sis and so proud of YOU!

Mer said...

Proud of you!!! love you and see you real soon!!!

Chrissy Cash said...

We are so thrilled that you came to our church and spoke. I had a lady stop me this morning and tell me that if that event was for no one else, she knows for sure it was for her. She talked about the loss of her daughter 8 years ago and how she felt a real connection to you and your story. Thank you for sharing your heart and for being so honest about how God has worked in your life through Reese's little life. Note to self: Take pictures PRIOR to the speaker. You can tell I cried through the whole thing in this picture! :) But, it was an honor to meet you and your family. It's weird to see my own face on a blog I've read for so many years! Thank you again - and we will be heading up the hill for lunch soon!

Lauren said...

I'm sure you did a wonderful job! I know you bless each person there as you talk about Reese and her sweet life. You're such a good mama! ;)

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