Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Monday

The boys and I had such a fun weekend. Jason was camping with some high school friends so we kept busy. ; ) Lunch at Chic-fil-a and snowcones were definitely part of it.
Zach ate every single bite of his, and Colson missed his mouth most of the time but that's part of the fun, right?

 I have several things on my mind, and I love lists (don't you?) so here we go!

1. The warm fuzzies are working. We don't give them freely because I want them to be special. So far so good!

2. Recently Zach had his evaluation for Upward flag football. I was nervous the entire 10 minutes of his drills, and Jason had to remind me that he's only four. ; ) 

I totally dropped the ball with soccer this summer and missed the sign-ups. By a month. Oh well, we are excited about football. ; )

3. Our church is doing the study Women, Worldview, and the Word. I've heard such wonderful things about it and really look forward to being a part this fall.

4. Zach and I were talking about how to do something, and he said, "Ask Daddy. He's smart." I love that the boys ADORE Jason, but I'm still recovering from when he said I don't do anything. Ha!

5. Some days this is my happy place.
6. Sunscreen anyone? I got tired of not having any when and where I needed it, so I bought a bottle here and there throughout the summer. Three of these are almost empty I just need to make myself finish them.
7. Did anybody see United Bates of America?Another family with 19 kids! They live in Tennessee. It's on again tonight if you want to watch it. ; )

8. Last week I did a meal swap with some friends. I made eight lasagnas! I cooked the meat one day and assembled them the next. 
It wasn't hard at all. Much easier than making eight completely different meals.
 Jason's mom gave me these labels. They were perfect!
I'm so happy about having new things to eat! We are trying the chicken pot pie tonight.

9. Our microwave broke this weekend. I had no idea how much I use it in a day. Hopefully it will be fixed SOON!

10. School starts in a few days, so it's a big week!

You do not have because you do not ask God.

James 4:2


Linds said...

Our microwave broke a few years ago and I felt like I had lost my left arm. We become so dependent on modern technology! Hope yours gets fixed soon!

Jennifer said...

We are eating the chicken strips Rebekah made tonight! I'm so happy to not have to think about anything but sides for our meal! :)

Hillary said...

Love you list! I'm trying not to miss soccer sign-up for this fall. :/ I can't wait to get both my older boys signed up! Love the picture of sweet Reece on your kitchen counter.

Hope you have a great rest of your week!


Kelley said...

You know our spirits have the same heart beat, right? I have been praying that verse and trusting it fervently these last few weeks. Sometimes I find it so hard to ask - even God, and yet He clearly tells us to do so, and surprises me (though I should never be surprised) with His faithful and gracious and generous answers every time. Love you sweet friend, and as always, praying for you!

The Rohman Family said...

I always hear..."Daddy's smarter than you because he knows how to work the DVD player." Seriously?!?

Amy said...

when i asked libbi what daddy does, she said he likes to do "paperwork" when i ask her what momma does she says, "" nice, huh?

Ashley said...

What a fun way to make swap dinners, never heard of doing it that way! Love the first picture of your boys, they are so darling!

Melissa said...

Sometimes my happy place is a skinny mocha light frappachino from Starbucks....I understand. ;)


Mer said...

I'm loving Colson's hair. :)

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