Friday, September 9, 2011

Let the Games Begin

So glad it's Friday, aren't you? I love this fall weather! So nice.

The Purple Squirrels "won" their first two games this week, but really who is keeping score? Me! ; )
Their coach is wonderful with the kids. I love how he wears purple, too. They play three at a time on the field for four minutes then rotate through nine times.
I was so nervous before Zach's first game, but he liked it.
He scored 5 goals. I was so proud!
 There was also a little fun,
a lot of running,


 a little rest,
and a lot of team camaraderie.
This says it all. Love him so!

Yesterday Z came home from school talking about a girl named Peanut. Really? I asked what her real name was and he said, "It's just Peanut. The teacher calls her that." 

I think I should be worried. ; )

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, because they will be filled.

Matthew 5:6


Hillary said...

It looks like Z had a great time at his game!

Hope that ya'll have a great weekend!


Katie said...

So fun!

Dianna said...

That is hilarious about Peanut! I called Cooper my peanut in utero until we found out he was a boy. It looks like he is having a lot of fun!

Lauren said...

Go Zach go!! What a cutie, he looks like he is absolutely loving it! Peanut!? I'd be worried! ;)

Linds said...

oh, these pictures make me smile! He's getting so big and is adorable in his little uniform! And you tell that Peanut to stay far away from Zach :) haha!

Mandy said...

Great pictures! The last one is my favorite!!!

Melissa said...

Too cute!! What a fun day. ;)
Sounds like Peanut is flirting with Z. I am sure she is the first of many... (sigh).


Brandi said...

What a cute little soccer player!!!! And Peanut...hehe, too funny!!!

Anna & Kirby said...

How wonderful... he's growing up so quickly!

The Anglin Family said...

Go Zach!! He is so cute!;)

Amy said...

so cute!! i always think he looks so grown up in the pictures you have posted lately, but in these he still looks so little!! precious!

Brittany said...

Great action shots!

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