Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

Another funny story (at least to me!) I want to remember about Zach ~

Last night while I was getting him ready for bed, he was marching across the bathroom floor. This is how our conversation...

"Zach, are you marching? Do you march at school?"
"No, I sit in time out."
"You what?" (I didn't understand him).
"I sit in time out."
"Time out? Why do you go to time out?"
"Because I run."
"Oh, you run when you are supposed to walk?"
"Mmm mm."
"Zach, Mommy doesn't want you to get into trouble at school. Why do you run and have to sit in time out?"
"I don't know, Mom."

He amazes me with our little talks! His teacher has never mentioned any problem concerning Zach, so I'm not too worried. At least he's honest. ; )
My sweet boy and me before trick or treating
All ready!
We trick or treated with Westin. I have a feeling it's the first of many times together. Next year we'll have three little boys running around. ; )
Oh, yes, it was my son who told a few people, "I don't want that one," and put a piece of candy back into their bowl! The people didn't know quite how to respond. At least he always said "Thank you!" no matter what. ; )
Way too much candy!
Zach was sweet to share with Colson. Ha!

You are mighty, O LORD, and Your faithfulness surrounds You.

Psalm 89:8


3LittleByrds said...

So cute. Looks like he had a great time. My youngest would take the candy then hold her hand out for another piece then another. Ha. A woman at church today at our trunk or treat let her choose any candy she wanted and then told the kids to get whatever they wanted so I guess tonight she thought that rule applied too.

Donna said...

What a cute story and how great that he already communictes well with you already! Cute outfits for Halloween! Love the pic of Colson with the candy..ha!

Miranda said...

Your boys are SO SWEET! I'm glad they had a great time :-)

Trac~ said...

LOL too cute and yes, thankfully the little man is honest no matter what he is doing. HA! Thanks for sharing - love the picture of you and he together before trick or treating and the one of Colson is soo cute! Love the "brotherly" love. xoxoxo

Wendy said...

Cute pictures! My 19-month-old kept saying "more, more" at every house. ;) I think that was probably the most exciting night of his life. He figured that whole process out really quickly! ;)

Summer said...

Ya'lls conversation was the best ever!! LOL I am still chuckling when you ask if he marches at school and he says no I sit in time out LOL at least he is so sweet and honest about it :)

Oh no worries Kelcee also would say no thank you can I have that one instead about the candy hahaha we both have little free spirits on our hands

Zach looks so presh all dressed up like a race car driver and I love that Westin is a cute little bear so fun!! I also love Colson's skeleton shirt!!


Lauren said...

Aw, such cute pictures!!!!

Sara said...

Oh how funny...the talk and the trick or treating! Atleast he shared with his brother!

ashley said...

LOVE those boys - and Zach's honesty cracks me up!

Karen At Home said...

Happy Halloween Katie! Your boys look so adorable!!!!

Jenny said...

What ADORABLE little trick or treaters!!! Looks like you all had a fun Halloween!

Candy Johnson said...

I am dying laughing...I swear, I've had those same conversations with Kohen, and Kohen did THROW some candy back in a ladies candy container last night! Little stinkers! Hope you are doing well! I'm playing single mom this week, so I'm guessing our blog won't be updated for a few days :) Hope Kyle gets a chance to see you guys this week.

Miller Family said...

I have a little girl that is 2 1/2. She goes to an at home daycare. Apparently she talks too much during nap time so she gets moved out of the room with her friends and has to sleep in the laundry room on a mat by herself. Every night when I ask her did you get to sleep with your friends or in the laundry room, she will yell, laundry room by myself! She is so proud of herself!

Leslie said...

Katie!! You look so gorgeous and so happy!!! Continuing to lift you up in prayers!

Todd and Courtney said...

Oh gosh Lauren has to sit in time out every single day at MDO. It's nuts. She runs during lunch time and won't sit still. Lovely :) At least we have super cute, polite, busy kids!

Tristan said...

haaha...he's such a riot!!

cute sweet!!

m&msmommy said...

What sweet pictures! That is the sweetest skeleton I've ever seen! :)

When my son first started preschool he ALWAYS told on himself. His teachers never mentioned anything, but he'd be the first to tell me if he was in timeout. Kids are too funny!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment! :)

Have a great day!

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