Friday, April 17, 2009

Prepare to Get Soaked

This was the advice Shannon gave me when I told her Zach was starting swimming lessons this week. ; ) These pics were before his first lesson. He was unsure during the first day (maybe it was because we were both freezing!), but by his second lesson he was swimming like a fish. Or at least splashing around like one!
I am so impressed with everything he has already learned how to do. I'm excited about this summer because we will be at the pool or lake every week, and I want him to be comfortable, safe, and love the water.

A little smile
One week of lessons down, two more to go!


Shannon said...

He looks so cute!

Jennifer said...

He looks adorable! I feel like he has grown so much in just the past couple of months, I'm sure he will be swimming all over the place before long!

I'm teaching swimming lessons for some little ones in a few weeks and I can hardly wait! I taught all 4 summers while in college and it is so fun to see them learn to swim!

Mandy said...

Such cute pictures! Is he blowing bubbles??

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