Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last Day!

This morning was Zach's last swimming lesson. He passed with flying colors. ; ) We both had so much fun. Now we are ready to hit the pool and lake, but it's still April! Oh, well.

I am so proud of him.
He loves to go underwater and smiles as he comes up. It's too cute.

Blowing bubbles
He's been practicing in the bathtub. ; )

After he jumps in the pool, I always pick him right up out of the water. The instructor kept telling me to count, "One one-thousand." At his age, he is able to hold his breath for two seconds. I tried, but it's hard to wait!

"I'm ready for the swim team, Mom!"
(Or maybe just to go home and take a nap). ; )


Eric and Leslie Warford said...

I'll bet swim lessons make for great naps!!! How fun!

ashley said...

What a little fishy! Way to go Zach - I don't know what your parents would have done if you didn't like the water!

Mer said...

I love the last pic!!! What a face! That's great that he's going under. You need to get a disposable underwater camera and have Jason get on the bottom of the pool and take some pics of him swimming. Those are the coolest! Ya'll are going to be in the pool all summer!

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