Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

As long as I can remember, I have celebrated Memorial Day weekend with my family and then Jason's family. It is also a special weekend because we celebrate Jason's birthday. Jason is SO hard to buy for so I have to get creative with what I do for him. I have a little something special up my sleeve for later on this week...
Zach loved the lake! We knew this, but he has never "camped" out like we do with all of Jason's family on the shore all day.
Not only does Zach have four grandparents, he also has four great-grandparents. Wow! They all have pep in their step, too. He is definitely missing out not knowing my grandparents, but I know he'll see them in Heaven one day! He is SO incredibly blessed.

Zach with Grammy and Grampie
Zach and Gigi
Zach admiring Papa's hat

All tuckered out
The three Johns
Papa jokes that he is "Old John," Jason is "Big John," and Zach is "Little John." Papa is anything but old!

Riley looked like a little beaver retrieving sticks. Every summer she gets more and more brave venturing out in the lake. A few times we had to call her back because she dog paddled out too far!

Never a dull moment...Cody cut Grammy's hair, and it looked good!
Zach is serious even when he is having fun. He went on his first four wheeler ride with G-Daddy.

Back at home watching Mom unpack


ashley said...

Can't wait to be there with you!! I'm so glad you had a good time! Talk to you soon.

Mer said...

Those pics are Great. I love the pic of Zach napping by the lake. I'm sure it won't be the last. Give me a call.

Mandy said...

So funny! Zach is so lucky to have such a big family that adores him!!!

Kelly said...

Zach is so lucky to have great-grandparents!!!
Sounds like a fun weekend! Happy birthday to Jason!

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