Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy 60th Birthday, Dad!

Tonight we gave my Dad a surprise 60th birthday party. Both of my parents turn 60 soon, so it's a big year! My dad's birthday isn't until later this month, but we wanted to celebrate it early because my new nephew will be here any day! Lots of exciting things going on... 

I blindfolded my dad to create more suspense, and he went along with it. He's a good sport!


Family fun

He's partied's past his bedtime!


Mer said...

Glad you posted some pics!!!! I really would like a copy of all of them you took, especially at the party. Sorry I missed it:( Zach and Abby look so cute sitting together!

Kelly said...

My parents both turn 60 this year too!!!
Looks like a fun party!

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