Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shout Out!

Wow! Two posts in one day. There is a very good sis in law Meredith has started a blog, and I am so excited! Check it out! She has a cute hubby (my brother), two beautiful girls, and a baby boy on the way!

This is a pic from last summer before my sister Mandy's baby and Zach were born. Mandy is in the middle, and Meredith is on the right. LOVE these girls.


mandy said...

Thanks for the FATTY pic! UGH!

Kelly said...

I didn't know you had a brother - how fun! Your family will be so fun with all the babies so close together!
Ya'll are all so cute!

Hillary said...

Mandy needs to get cracking on her blog! I clicked over there to see some pics of Abby but nothing!
Go Meredith! I'm glad she has one now too. I love when people start blogging!

Shannon said...

I just realized that in one of your pictures from Bizys last week that you can see me in the background taking dirty dishes to the kitchen. Ha!!!!

mandy said...

Maybe if I had a friend like HILLARY I would know how to set it up!!!!!!!

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