Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Like a Chicken with it's Head Cut Off

Well, it finally happened.

Riley chewed up her beloved "baby" chicken this week. This was no ordinary chicken. It had oddly enough become a part of our family for the past year and a half. We are surprised it lasted this long because Ri chews up every toy we give her. But her chicken was special to her. We're really not sure why she did this, but there are some possible reasons. Maybe she is finally venting over Zach getting some of her attention. Maybe she wants some attention. Maybe it's because I bought her a big bone to chew on. Maybe it's because the squeaker had squeaked it's last squeak. Whatever the reason, I have been picking up bits and pieces of a chicken all week around the house. Her head and two legs are what is left of her.

I have to share a funny memory with this chicken...the first night home with Zach was very memorable. After Jason and I tried to no avail to get Zach to sleep, my mom (to the rescue!) walked around the house trying to sooth him. Riley, our tender hearted love, walked around the house whining with my mom and Zach and of course, her chicken, squeaking it as loud as she could. It was like she felt sorry for Zach and was trying to sympathize with him. This just added to a crazy night and made us all laugh when we were exhausted. Ok, enough down memory lane. This is a CHICKEN.

Looking a little guilty...

but it didn't stop her. I sure am going to miss that crazy chicken. I guess we'll have to go out and buy her a new one!


Hillary said...

She chewed up her chicken???????? Whoa!!!!!!!

ashley said...

Oh, what a sad, sad, day!!! I'm going to miss that sweet squeak. Poor Jason will have to go back to "the store" to get another one. I can't believe she ATE it? I thought it was like her child! Thanks for the cheer in my day!

Mandy said...

Poor chicken. That's just sad.

Shannon said...

I had forgotten how pretty Riley is! That is too funny that she did that!

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