Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let's Talk Summer: Deer Valley Ranch 2

The theme to celebrate DVR's 60th summer is "We Can't Wait." A few things my family can't wait for are Sunday worship, the Wranglers' breakfast, the scenery, the lunch cookout, and square dancing. One of my nieces calls it "Cowboy Camp."

I mentioned in my first DVR post about a giveaway. The first family who registers (who is new to DVR) to go this summer will receive a $250 gift card to be used during their trip. 

In addition to this, if anyone makes a reservation by May 1st their name goes in the cowboy hat for a drawing to win 1955 prices! How amazing would this be? All the details for this wonderful opportunity are HERE.

These pics are from our trip in 2008. 
Wrangler's breakfast
I will always remember this moment. Of course I was trying to feed a deer (you're not supposed to), and this one almost walked into our cabin. My dad kept saying, "Shut the door! Shut the door!" but I was frozen. Thankfully it stayed outside. Ha.
I grew up playing in this little ghost town.
the lodge
Allie ringing the dinner bell
Bo and Jason playing a little tennis
Feeding the chipmunks at St. Elmo. One of my favorite things. ; )

Don't hesitate to ask me any questions about Deer Valley!

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Isaiah 26:3


Mandy said...

Making me excited for this summer!!! H will be all over feeding the chipmunks this year. I pray for those rascals! : )

Mimi said...

What fun memories! How wonderful that the tradition continues with your boys and their cousins. What an inspiring legacy your parents are passing along.

MtnGirl said...

Years and years ago, I went to Deer Valley Ranch as a kid - I will never forget going horseback riding on a black pony named Blitz. It was a wonderful vacation!

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