Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Lake Day

We went to Hot Springs today for some fun on the lake.
 The boys with Gran & G-Dad

They just laughed all over themselves.
 The water was even warm enough for me to get in. ; )
 Both boys tried water skiing for the first time, and they did great! I'm so proud of them.
 Cols almost got up.
 Tubing is still their favorite thing to do.
 Grampie and Grammy bought a new toy so we took it for a spin. ; )

It's September!

My plan will take place, and I will do all My will.

Isaiah 46:10


Miranda said...

Looks like a super fun day :) I've always wanted a golf cart! ha! :)

Mandy said...

Love the one of Cols skiing! So fun!!!

Maryellen said...

You guys have such great outdoor adventures. The boys have wonderful
memories being built.

Happy Labor Day !

Mer said...

Colson! Fearless! Both of them:)

Lauren said...

FUN!! I love that they are learning to ski!

Becky said...

Several years ago we went to Hot Springs. It was so odd seeing hot springs! Most of ours around here are very cold! Looks like your guys had a lot of fun.

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