Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I want to praise the LORD for His answers to my prayers as much as I pray for them. Over the past few years, I have been praying for friends in my life who want to have a baby. Many of them have had babies, and I am still praying for others. I have also added friends to my pregnant prayer list. I am going to pray for these amazing people until they have a baby!

On the side of my blog, I have started a list of my praises. Most of these people I have prayed for to get pregnant, but others are pregnant friends who I am just excited for! Like my friend Ashley who is very blessed and fertile and basically gets pregnant if she thinks about she really didn't need my prayers. ; )

This is another visual evidence to me that GOD answers prayer. I want to keep praying in faith. I got this list idea from Kelly, and I love it!

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Kelly said...

Thanks for praying for me! It meant so much to me to know that you were. Isn't it thrilling to find out someone you have prayed for is pregnant? (or that Hillary's house sold)(or any answered prayer) I have had that pleasure quite a bit this year! It only makes me pray harder for others and truly BELIEVE it will happen for them!

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